Best Whole House Water Filter

Water filters. What type to choose?

After that, the most common is that you have been researching on the internet to inform you about the different types of water filters to choose the best one. Water filters and purifying systems are responsible for removing sediments, solid, soluble and invisible particles, microorganisms and even ions from conventional water.

But, without a doubt, the definitive reason is that, in spite of being of water of much better quality than the one that comes out of the tap, we really do not know what treatment has been given. Although we have several articles that talk about it, such as this: 7 negative effects of bottled water

In addition, in a fairly short time, you will notice the price difference. And is that for bottled water you are paying a dam, a place to purify water on a large scale, the salary of hundreds of workers, machinery, plastic material ... In short, we all know that bottled water is expensive. If you buy a couple of bottles nothing happens, nobody has complained. But when you have to supply a whole family day yes, the day too, believe me, it shows!

Water filters are cheaper, barely occupy space (many are not even seen) and purify water + as you wish. This always depends on the type of water filter you choose.

Difference between water filters and purifiers

Although, as a general rule, we usually call all those devices and systems that make the water better known as water filters, the truth is that these are divided into water filters and purifiers or water purification systems.

The difference is:

Water filters separate insoluble particles from water. This means that they act as a more or less potent strainer, always depending on the type. This means that they work at a fairly superficial level. The filters have a greater or lesser porosity depending on which particles they want to filter and remove.

Water purification systems work at a much deeper level. For this, much more complex and studied mechanisms are used. In this case, they also separate substances capable of solubilizing in water, such as ions. This means that the level of water purity will always be clearly higher.

Types of water filters

Activated carbon filter

Activated carbon is produced artificially giving it an extra porosity capable of attracting and trapping the appropriate water molecules, which we want to avoid drinking. Normally these filters are used as a complement to improve another system, providing an extra filtration, making the first sieve.

Reverse osmosis filter

Reverse osmosis uses semi-permeable polyamide filters that, put in a spiral, act as a filter to retain and eliminate large amounts of salts, in addition to acting as a barrier against viruses and bacteria, working at the molecular level.

It is a fairly complex machine that uses three stages in which you work with water.

The first of the water filters separate the large sediments (although they are really tiny).

The second makes a more accurate screen to eliminate the smallest.

Finally, carbon is used to eliminate microorganisms and contaminants.

Therefore, despite offering good results, it also has more options to break down, in addition to high maintenance, and it is not a cheap system precisely. The result it offers is fairly pure water, very well sterilized, with few pathogens and with a low level of salt.

Ceramic filters

It is a more "homemade" mechanism. A cartridge with silicon fossil shells is attached to any table filter. This substance traps and retains harmful particles, but obviously not all.

Distillation system

This system is quite simple but, with the innovation we have today, it is really inadvisable. Still, we tell you how it works, because it is very simple. Water evaporates and condenses again to separate inappropriate elements.

Ozone purifier

Ozone purifiers are systems that give a chemical treatment to water. By adding ozone, the oxygen molecules in the water transform from 02 to 03, which oxidizes the water. With this effect, the action of viruses and bacteria is stopped. It is also possible to carry out a more conscientious work than chlorine, which disinfects, but to a lesser extent.

Its most widespread use is in pregnant plants, generating a residual that disinfects and conserves water in its container. Having it at home is a bit laborious, not to mention that we would be making chemical changes at the molecular level.

Ultraviolet purifier

These are worth the frequency of UV rays. What is it for? It is capable of breaking down viruses, bacteria and all kinds of microorganisms and germs that are usually present in the water that comes out of the tap.

However, its only action is that, the treatment against pathogens. Water is cleaned of living beings without changing its composition, without any product and without removing sediments or other solid components.

Will there be any system that combines technologies and includes ultraviolet light to eliminate viruses and bacteria? Yes, that's why we want to talk to you about what we have proven to be the best water purifier on the market

spring water purification system

The spring water purification system is, at present, and by far the most complete and healthy in the market, it brings together the aforementioned technologies of all filters.

Thanks to the research carried out for many years, our professionals have been able to improve any existing water purification mechanism until the final water purification system is achieved. You can see more in this article The best water purifier

Thus, eSpring is much more than any of the water filters we have seen. It consists of a set of widely improved technologies that work together. Thus, they complement each other to offer the best water purification service for your home.

e Spring is as we have said, a set of systems that work together. What are its characteristics and advantages?

Its cost is less than that of many other systems.

It does not waste water, does not store it or waterproof it.

Without maintenance.

Organic carbon filter, with ultraviolet lamp and magnetic induction monitoring with a smart chip.

Water, without a doubt, is the best you will get: without viruses, bacteria or other microorganisms, decalcified, with the exact generalization and free of more than 140 contaminants.

In addition, eSpring has 14 associated patents in America. He has also been awarded the WQA Water Quality Gold Seal and the NSF International certification

Which to choose?

In Agua Salud, each of the people who visit us is important to us. Therefore, we cannot fail to recommend eSpring that, as we have said, it is not one among many water filters but rather a complete purification system.

The spring water purification system has it all: decades of research to offer efficiency, quality, the best technology, clear, clean water, without bacteria, viruses or other contaminants, perfectly filtered, with the exact generalization and, something that many of us demand, A good taste And all this with a surprising guarantee of 5 years.

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